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Scanning, Virtual Shopping & Local Delivery

Contact: Daniel Wells

We partner with Economic Developers, Chambers of Commerce & Downtown Associations to scan retail stores, configure virtual shopping and deliver products to customers locally. We provide an embed code so anyone can publish the experience on their own website and social media feeds.

You can hire us to create a virtual shopping experience for your City to drive results in terms of visibility, sales and subsequent localized economic growth in your City's Business Improvement District or Downtown Corridor.

The Pilot Includes:

Launch Deliverables:

Each business is entitled to one scan for the duration of the pilot. Once they decide to pay a monthly subscription, they will be entitled to a rescan every 90 days (4x per year) at no additional cost to stay current with seasonal decor and inventory changes.

A Self-Funded Program

Fund your project by recycling e-waste with: recyclelithiumbatteries.com How does lithium battery recycling fund your v-commerce experience? New technology unlocks economic value from scrap lithium batteries by breaking them down to their base metals and selling the battery metals to battery makers. Setting up a recycling program for your community brings funds from the processor back to your budget which can be used to pay for our systems. As an added bonus, we will be removing lithium batteries from your community and recycling them in an environmentally friendly way!